If you’re looking to shoot tethered in studio, we supply everything you need. We set up a blazing-fast 8-core Mac Pro with dual 30” monitors, top-of-the-line capture software, and an experienced technician to run it all.

Want to get started on editing and retouching right away? We can set up a second computer with a retoucher on set. At the end of the day, the photographer or client walks away with a hard drive containing the images they need.


Do you need portability? There’s no need to sacrifice the advantages of a digital tech when you’re shooting on location, or even when traveling.

We have packages available that allow you to shoot to our Macbook Pro, which is conveniently mounted on top of our Location Station. The Location Station keeps the laptop powered for up to 8 hours, and has two removable hard drives that speed up the shooting process.  It also allows for simultaneous backup, ensuring that no files are lost.

With our talented digital technicians and the Location Station, the World Becomes Your Studio.


Imagine a state of the art, mobile, digital van pulling up to your shoot location instantly ready for you to pick up the camera, take your first shot and begin your digital workflow.

Imagine being able to shoot tethered from up to a mile away from that van. Picture an on-set retoucher working on your images as the shoot is happening. See your client in a cool, comfortable place conducting business while on location.

This van provides it all. Even if your client is unable to be on-set, the images can be uploaded to the web for remote viewing in near real-time. All this comes with knowledgeable, professional digital technicians running everything and keeping your shoot flowing. (see van)